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Typical School Day

School Hours & Organisation


The school day for all children begins at 8:55am.



Morning session:      Curie                          - 8:55 am to 12:05 pm
                                Parks and Pankhurst       - 8:55 am to 12:15 pm

Break time:                             10:15 am to 10:30 am



Lunch break:        Curie                       - 12.05pm to 1:05pm
                               Parks and Pankhurst    - 12:15pm to 1:05pm



Afternoon session:    Parks                          - 1.05pm to 3.15pm
                                  Parks and Pankhurst      - 1.05pm to 3.20pm


Afternoon break:      Arranged on a daily basis depending on PE and weather conditions
A member of staff will be on the back gate from 8.45am and children may enter the school from this time.  For the safety of all our children, please use the School Lane entrance to drop off in the morning.  


At the end of the day parents are asked to wait for their children at the far end of the main playground.  


Platts Heath Primary aims to be a “Healthy School” and all children may bring a piece of fruit or vegetable as a snack for morning break.  The government provides free fruit/vegetables each day for all children in Curie. Parks and Pankhurst class receive free fruit every day, paid for by the Government sports funding initiative.


If you wish your child to have milk, please speak to the Office Manager.  Children under 5 are eligible for free school milk.  Water is available in all classrooms.


Please encourage your child to have breakfast as it has been proven that children are more alert and ready to learn if they have had food and a drink before school.