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Residential 2019

Friday's Update 

The final morning has arrived. All rooms are packed away (and yes they have checked under the beds and behind the doors) and now we are waiting for our last activities. Pick up at 1.15pm please. The children are VERY excited about seeing you all. 


We had some very sleepy children at wake up time this morning, but breakfast seems to have revived them all. Half the group are now buggy building while the others are working on some environmental art.

There will be a presentation about this week's trip with lots of photos next Wednesday (20th March) at 2.30pm in Pankhurst Class for parents/carers.

Wednesday's Update

All slept well and very pleased to see the sun shining this morning. 
Both groups are tackling abseiling (only a few tears from Emily this year who then raced up for a second go to help a very terrified Mrs Fairley come down too) and the zip wire later on. We are having a brilliant time!

Picture 1

Reach for the Skies!

Reach for the Skies! 1

Never let it be said that Platts Heath children let rain stop play. It may be filthy weather but Pankhurst Class is still enthusiastically taking part in all the activities on offer. So far today we have been orienteering, buggy building and leaping from a high pole.  We do get a break between activities and the hot en-suite showers are being appreciated by all. 

Breakfast - empty plates all round!

Breakfast - empty plates all round! 1

Tuesday 12th March


First night away from home successfully done. All children are full of beans this morning - some literally after a delicious cooked breakfast - and ready to get on with problem solving as our first activity. The food is going down really well, with the quote of the day (so far) from Frankie who said: “The food here is actually really nice - I’m shocked!” More news to follow soon.

Our first day

Our first day 1
Our first day 2
We’ve had a really fun first afternoon and evening - now everyone is tucked up in bed. The dirty washing bags are being filled already as we had some very muddy children after nightline (an outdoor obstacle course - while wearing a blindfold) but hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the campfire warmed everybody up. The food has been a hit so far, with Cade declaring that the sausages were delicious - we know what he’ll be having tomorrow for breakfast. Quote of the day from Oliver, after just one activity ‘this is the best school trip I’ve ever been on!’. More news tomorrow. 
We have arrived safely and are now settling into our rooms (all en-suite this year, so cheers went up when we discovered that). The children are all very excited and have tackled the first challenge, making their beds, with enthusiasm. Off to have a tour of the site in a bit and then Nightline and Laser will be our first activities.