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Residential 2018

Can you spot Mrs G and Mrs F?

Kingswood News Friday - 23rd March


The final Kingswood breakfast has been consumed and the children are all packed up. We've got abseil, leap of faith, team tech and problem solving this morning, then a fish and chip lunch before home time. It's been a fantastic trip and the children have made Mrs Fairley very proud with their have-a-go attitudes on the activities, their sensible behaviour at all times and the friendship and kindness they have show to each other. Lots of great memories created and photos taken. I think everyone (teachers included) will be looking forward to a good rest this weekend.

Kingswood News Thursday- 22nd March


Our last full day at Kingswood has been action packed. We've learned how to make shelters, played some areoball and had a dance at the disco. This morning Emily and Mrs Giles helped each other conquer their fear of the abseil and both Mrs Giles and Mrs Fairley took on the zipwire with Gemma and Hayden taking some great pictures down below - Gemma particularly enjoyed getting a picture of both adults as they crashed to the ground. The girls beat the boys in the buggy build and, judging by the fantastic shelters built, it looks like we've got some future Bear Grylls among us. It's been an absolutely brilliant few days and the children are sad it's the last day tomorrow but all very excited about seeing their families.



The children had a great time buggy building and Mr A. watched one group abseiling.  Well done to Emily and Mrs G for conquering their fears and descending down the wall - it cost Mr A. a packet of Malteasers, for Emily and a Galaxy bar for Mrs G. Well worth it though!



Day 4 - We've had a few sleepyheads first thing this morning but a continental breakfast seems to have perked everyone up. Mrs Stewart-Jones is joining us today and will be helping one of the groups with buggy building - a new activity this year.

Kingswood News Wednesday - 21st March


We've had another fantastic day with even the sun shining for us. The 3G swing was the highlight for most, and Samuel even persuaded Mrs Fairley to go to the very top! Lots of fantastic facial expressions captured on film as the swing swung. We've been firelighting - Lewis was very handy with a flint - and problem solving plus a bit of archery first thing. All quiet in the rooms now and it's only just gone 10pm!



Day 3 at Kingswood and all is well. Yesterday's busy day ensured that everyone slept soundly and have woken up full of beans. Todays schedule includes archery, 3G swing, fire lighting, buggy building and problem solving. 

Kingswood News Tuesday - 20th March



 Another fun packed day at Kingswood. The climbing wall and High Equilibrium challenge were conquered today, with some children making it to the very top - Analise and Sam even managed a quick dance on the elevated seesaw. It's been chilly but spirits are high and everyone is having fun.




All the children slept well - all asleep before 11pm which according to Mrs Giles is a record!

Breakfast eaten and the children are now off to climbing and the obstacle challenge before lunch.


Kingswood News - Monday 19th March


All arrived and settled into our accommodation. Laser quest and 'nightline' safely tackled - the girls were victorious in the former. Mini Olympics done and hot chocolate drunk. Now all back in our rooms and hopefully nodding off soon! 

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Residential 2018


After a successful year in 2017, the children in Crompton class will be visiting Grosvenor Hall again this year!


Please find on this page all information as well exciting updates and pictures from their trip. 


If you have any questions please do not hesiate to speak to either Mr Anscom or Mrs Fairley.