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The National Curriculum



In the reception year the children follow the foundation stage curriculum. Through the rest of the school there are three core subjects of English (Literacy), Maths (Numeracy) and Science. Daily Literacy and Numeracy lessons are the main feature of morning lessons. Computing (formerly Information and Communication Technology) and Science are also given high priority. The other foundation subjects are History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education. Personal, Social and Health Education completes the curriculum. The children also learn spoken French. All teachers plan on a rolling programme, thus ensuring that children do not cover topics or themes twice.


Target Setting/Pupil Tracking

A thorough system has been set up at Platts Heath Primary that helps us to support the pupils throughout their stay at the school. Any test results are recorded carefully and the child’s progress is then monitored through the school. Expectations are high and staff and parents work together to share those expectations.

Detailed information about your child’s achievements, tracking and progress at school is formally given to you at Parents' Evening and found in the end of year written report.


Special Educational Needs/Additional Educational Needs

At Platts Heath Primary we pride ourselves on the amount of effort, support and enthusiasm that is put into the implementation of appropriate programmes to support all the children in their learning. Our SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) works closely with class teachers and parents to give the children maximum support to achieve their full potential.



Each day there is an assembly, either whole school or class. These are not generally collective acts of worship, although guest speakers from the local churches are invited in on a semi-regular basis.
Pupils may be withdrawn from an act of worship assembly for reasons of conscience. Parents are requested to write to the Headteacher if they wish their child to be excluded from this part of the curriculum.


Religious Education

The 2017 Kent Agreed Syllabus is followed for RE - this is requirement for all schools.  Understanding Christianity is a core part of the syllabus.  In addition, there is study of some aspects of Judaism and Islam in Key Stage 1, and the programme of study in Key Stage 2 includes the world religions of Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam and Judaism.  Parents are requested to write to the Headteacher if they wish their child to be excluded from this part of the curriculum.




During Term 5 and 6 pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 have the opportunity to take part in weekly swimming sessions at The Stour Centre in Ashford. At the end of KS2 all pupils are expected to have attained the swimming criteria for Year 6 pupils, including a 25m distance badge. There is a charge for this activity.



At Platts Heath we firmly believe that homework is an important element of school and home life. We follow the recommended time allocation:

Curie Class (Year 1&2 only) up to 1 hour per week
Parks Class up to 1½ hours per week
Pankhurst Class 30 minutes per day

All children should be reading every day in addition to the homework set.


Policy with regard to charging or payment for school activities

Parents may be asked to make a ‘voluntary contribution’ to cover the expenses incurred by the following activities:
• Cooking and some craftwork
• Educational visits, including swimming
• Visiting musicians, theatre groups and story tellers, etc.


Should parents experience difficulty in paying for certain activities then they are encouraged to speak in confidence to the Headteacher. Each situation will be dealt with sympathetically and confidentially.  Please also see our Charging & Remissions Policy


Reading Strategy

Please see our reading strategy in the Reading and Phonics section

Reading Strategy

PHPS Long Term Plan for 2018 to 2019

Overview of the Primary Curriculum

Please arrange an appointment with the Headteacher if you wish to find out more about the curriculum at Platts Heath Primary School.

Timetable 2018 - 19 Curie Class (Reception)

Timetable Curie Class Years 1 and 2

Timetable Parks Class Years 3 and 4

Timetable Pankhurst Class Years 5 & 6